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Chante Jackson, a professional makeup artist based in Los Angeles, CA, is currently making her own mark in the beauty and fashion industry. She has worked with some of Hollywood’s well-known music and TV stars.  Chante moved to LA from Ohio, right after graduating with her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Toledo.  Before moving to LA, Chante worked her very first makeup job at Bare Minerals in Toledo, Ohio and this was closely followed by several stints throughout Ohio as a MAC Freelance Makeup Artist.  Making such a big move to LA was a big gamble and not an easy decision for this Dayton, Ohio girl who was extremely close to family and friends!  Turned out her move wasn’t the smoothest transition either, but those who know Chante know her to be decisive and determined and knew that somehow, she would make her LA move work for her.

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Chante named her makeup business Caurel Beauty in honor of her paternal grandmother, Gloria Caurel Jackson with whom she has enjoyed a very close relationship since birth.  Chante felt the uniqueness of the name “Caurel” coupled with her grandmother’s gracefulness, beauty and charismatic personality, was the perfect way to pay homage to her roots and her passion for makeup artistry and cosmetics.

Caurel Beauty Lash Collection is a luxurious 3D Mink Lash Line released in spring 2019.  The brand is based on principles of love, self-care and empowerment.

To connect with Chante for business inquiries, please email

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